Better late than never..

I have finally got round to putting my finished placement report on the one and only Tommy Hilfiger, click on the link below to read.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

tommy hilfiger


Deadline Stress

Report deadline is approaching very quickly, Tuesday in fact! one minute I feel right on track the next I’m panicking!

Nothing like last minute stress and changes, I don’t think that will ever change, you can never feel finished with a project, well I can’t.

Things still to finish of:

  • Add in last minute corrections to report
  • Harvard reference<—–hardest bit!
  • Mock up a presentation
  • Sort out layout and make everything coherent
  • Put pictures into the report

Will I get it done in time that is the question…….. find out in the next issue of deadline stress out Tuesday 21st


New Experience!

Last night was my first proper night out with the VM team and it was a fun night, filled with gin & tonic, tequila and my very first gay bar!

Everyone was great, feel really welcome within the team and get on with everyone really well which is always a bonus πŸ™‚

This morning I am feeling surprisingly fresh considering what was consumed and on an empty stomach, school boy error! However I’m about to head to the gym, another first, the morning after a night out

Am I feeling ok?!

Working with the girls :)

Change up of location and got to work with the girls for a few days up in Stratford, Westfields.

It was a really good few days, I was given a lot of responsibility within the store being able to show off what I had learnt so far on the placement. Down to every little last tuck and twist. With Tommy Hilfiger the mens is considered the most important as it brings in the most money and profit.

After our few days within both the main store and the kids store we were sent an email of thanks, for all the hard work, which was rewarding to know that the manager of the store was pleased with the stuff I had done and not just the girls I was working with πŸ™‚

Group Activities

Every morning in the store they have a staff meeting filling everyone in on the ins and outs, targets, percentages, figures. And today was a team activity. I took part in it and it was good fun!

The store manager had a variety of celebrity face masks and we were put into 2/3, all with a celebrity. The task was to choose an outfit which this person would wear. I was given Prince Charles so me and the other 2 in my group went for a cooperate, very conservative look. We chose a blazer with elbow patches, a pale blue cardigan and blue striped shirt, with a vintage bow tie. His bottom half in beige smart trousers and a pair of brown sued brogues with bright red socks to give the tommy twist, plus Charles has been seen wearing patterned and more out there socks.

I was really pleased with the look we produced, and we ended up coming in 2nd, close call between our team and the team dressing Holly Willouboobie πŸ™‚

Other celebrities dressed were, Prince Harry, One of the Jedward twins, Mark Wright and Alan Carr.

Below is someone modelling the Jedward look and our final outfit for Prince Charles πŸ™‚ (If you see this Charles and love I’m more than happy to come and be your Royal stylist) πŸ˜‰

The Muppets

So a new promotional capsule collection for children’s wear has been delivered into store and its all muppet based, with a free muppet character hat. Which I have to admit are pretty fetching and I want one myself! Miss Piggy would suit me to a tee!

The Miss Piggy 4 Kermit top was my fav, it is so cute, and with the two characters being ones of high profile I think it will be a top seller. It is a girls tshirt and girls will love it because of the pink heart, the boy girl crush element.

Due to it being a small collection of product, it was merchandised onto a table and one rail. No wall fixture. Having the product on a table allowed it to be at a low height, this way children could see the product and want it more because of it being puppets from a famous television programme. The mannequins were simply dressed with one of the tops and a pair of jeans for the boy and a denim skirt for the girl. It was a pretty straight forward instillation, the key thing was to show the graphics on the tee’s and have the sign in a prime visible location.

Window Prep

Today the props for the new window instillation came into store, thousands of boxes all filled with fixtures, sand, surfboards and the biggest delivery was half of a VW Beetle covered in shells. So at 7 in the morning everyone was working out how to tackle lifting the car into storage until the window goes in on Thursday. Team work at its best, all the muscles were out having to lift it. I was even given a screw driver to get stuck into removing the frame to reduce the weight of it as much as possible. Me and tools don’t go well, took me 5 minutes to get one screw out, helpful!

It was all rush to get everything off of the shop floor before the doors opened, so it was a hectic morning, but has got me excited for installing the window on thursday πŸ™‚

Westminster-20130429-01063 Westminster-20130429-01064


The big change up

So this week in the two anchor stores; Brompton Rd and Regent Street, the vm team did a massive change up and moved the collections around to make the store feel more spring and summer focused so that it would be more appropriate to the weather bringing in a larger profit and meeting targets. This was good to be involved in and allowed me to see what pieces were best sellers and which collections were bringing in the most money. Referring to the store money mapping, which I am going to learn more of next week as its something I feel is very important for a vm to know.

Pictures to come on the stores new layoutsΒ